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Our Mission & Values


where you money goes

  • 70% Direct to beneficiaries
  • 10 % Administration Costs
  • 20% Governance

Summary of our programs


  • Sponsoring secondary education
  • Counseling and guidance for the youth
  • Life skills training for the beneficiaries

Economic Empowerment

Through our economic empowerment programme, the worldwide know Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA), the program supports beneficiary households to make small regular savings through organized and well trained groups over a one-year period. The beneficiaries are able to borrow at convenient rates, make investments and support their families. Families of secondary school beneficiaries make investments to be able to support their children to get vocational skills once they complete Ordinary level.

Vocational Training

The Skilling program trains vulnerable youths in the age bracket of 14 – 30 who are carefully selected from the community and trained in vocational skills. The youths are trained in both formal and non-formal courses. The project uses the apprenticeship model where the beneficiaries are put under supervised placements focused on particular trades but is supplemented with classroom based instruction with clearly defined curriculum.

Community Health Insurance

Our community health programme coded Community HealthLink, is a micro health Care scheme specially designed for low income earners and vulnerable communities.